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Did You Know?

Find answers to off-the-beaten path NSCLC trivia.

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Bonnie J. Addario, founder and namesake of the Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation, was previously______

"CEO of an oil company"
"An elementary school teacher"
"A marathon runner"
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The discovery of epidermal growth factor "EGF" in the 1960s would later win a Nobel Prize in Medicine and ultimately lead to the first biomarker-driven therapy for lung cancer. This discovery would not have been possible without____

"Whale oil"
"Tree bark"
"Salivary gland extract"
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Biomarkers for lung cancer are mainly related to changes that happen in your____.

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There are currently more than ___ ongoing clinical trials examining the role of known biomarkers in patients with NSCLC.2

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Doctors used to believe lung cancer was one disease. Today, more than __ biomarkers that drive lung cancer have been identified in NSCLC alone.