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How to Ask for a Second Opinion—and Feel Comfortable Doing So

Blog Post from Dawn / October 5, 2018

During the diagnosis process, I learned how important it was to trust my instincts. I couldn’t carry on a conversation without coughing, yet my doctor was telling me that my chest x-rays were normal—I knew something was up! I was frustrated and felt as if my doctor wasn’t listening or taking my concerns seriously. Once I learned that my chest x-rays had been read by two radiologists and a comparison had not been done, I felt it was time for a second opinion.

If you feel that you might want a second opinion, listen to your gut! I knew I didn’t just have asthma or allergies, but if I had ignored that feeling I might not be alive today. If you don’t agree with what your doctor is saying, get a second opinion. Be open and share your concerns and experiences.

It always helps to be prepared when you go to get a second opinion. I shared my x-rays and a list of the different medications I was taking. I explained that I didn’t feel that these were helping. I expressed my frustration and talked about lack of concern from my previous doctor.

For me, getting a second opinion was crucial for my treatment plan and I encourage everyone to take an active role in their treatment journey.