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Nutrition Tips

Blog Post from Bonnie / October 5, 2018

As a lung cancer survivor, I decided to start two foundations so I could guide patients through their journey—so that they wouldn’t have to go through the confusion and difficulty I experienced during my treatment and diagnosis. I believe that nutrition and diet is one of the most essential aspects to the health of lung cancer patients, yet one of the biggest hurdles. During treatment I felt like there were so many factors I couldn’t control, but my diet was one that I could. I work with patients every day, and it seems like weight maintenance is one of the hardest tasks to deal with.

I have found certain tips and tricks over the years that have helped me along the way; maybe they can help you too:

1. Lots of fruits and veggies—they’re packed with vitamins and proteins. I like fruit to have with my medication because it doesn’t upset my stomach.

2. Popcorn with a touch of sea salt keeps me feeling full. A salty palate is great when your sense of taste is depleted from therapy.

3. Soups! I found them more appetizing than large meals when I was going through treatment.

I know that time management can be hard, especially if you’re balancing treatment, but try not to let your diet fall to the wayside. I love nutritious, pre-prepared meals from the store because I can get all the benefits of a homecooked meal without having to put in the time and effort.

The best piece of advice I can give to someone undergoing treatment is that no matter what you do, just don’t forget the other aspects of your health—your diet is important!

Talk to your doctor about healthy eating. You may have special food needs during and after treatment. A nutritionist can also help.