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Biomarker testing story

Jeff was diagnosed with Stage 1b non-small cell lung cancer.
Little Rock, AR

We asked Jeff to share his story with Pfizer

We asked Jeff to share his story with Pfizer

I was 46 years old when I was diagnosed with Stage 1b non-small cell adenocarcinoma after a persistent cough and a CT scan that showed that there was a small tumor on my right lung. I had surgery to have the upper lobe of my right lung removed, and my doctor sent the biopsy for biomarker testing. The results showed no known biomarker. After four rounds of chemotherapy, my oncologist found no evidence of disease about a year later.

Then some months later during a regular scan, I learned that there was another tumor in the lower lobe of my left lung. I again had surgery to remove the tumor. This time, my doctor sent samples from both tumors to get a full panel of biomarker testing, but again the results came back to show no known biomarkers. Although my tumor showed no known biomarker, the test confirmed that I was on the most appropriate treatment path for my diagnosis. I then went through 12 more rounds of chemotherapy.

Since the diagnosis, I have tried to live my life as close to normally as possible, and I’ve committed to raising awareness about lung cancer as a regular contributor to the Lung Cancer Blog for The LUNGevity Foundation. I have also returned to work as a Vice President at a construction company.

August 2016