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Biomarker testing story

Randy, a non-smoker, learned he had Stage III NSCLC.
Kirkland, WA

We asked Randy to share his story with Pfizer

We asked Randy to share his story with Pfizer

I’m Randy, an entrepreneur, author, husband, and father. Four years ago, I found out I had Stage III non-small cell lung cancer. I was a nonsmoker and had no family history of the disease, so my diagnosis came as quite a shock.

For a year, I underwent several treatments including surgery and rounds of chemotherapy combined with radiation. Fortunately, it worked and today my lungs show no evidence of disease.

Being diagnosed with lung cancer changed my worldview. When you have cancer, things that used to be important – compulsively checking work e-mail on weekends, for instance – suddenly seem not so important. And things that are really important – like spending quality time with my kids – take on a much greater sense of immediacy. I believe everyone can learn these important lessons, and hopefully without receiving such a devastating diagnosis.

I wrote a book about my experience and now speak to others about what it means to be a cancer patient and subsequent survivor, and how it has changed my perspective. My hope is that others can apply these insights to their own lives.

I’ve also become active in the lung cancer community, working with a number of different organizations and support groups to advocate for more awareness and research.

These days, I celebrate life by traveling the world, visiting friends, and spending time with family. Even though my lungs appear to be cancer free right now, I have discussed the importance of molecular testing with my doctor and he advised that if my disease ever returns, it will be a priority to get my tumor tested for biomarkers. I’m glad that option exists, because I believe it is one major step in the right direction to treating this disease.

March 2012