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Biomarker testing story

Tests revealed Tori had ROS1-positive NSCLC.
Ann Arbor, MI

We asked Tori to share her story with Pfizer

We asked Tori to share her story with Pfizer

I was 37 years old when diagnosed with Stage 4 non-small cell lung cancer, after suffering from cold-like symptoms that lasted all winter. I sought medical attention for the symptoms when they persisted into the spring, and a chest CT scan revealed a large tumor that had caused my left lung to partially collapse. My tumors had also spread to my liver, shoulder blade, rib, hip and spine.

Since I had never smoked and had no family history of lung cancer, I was confused about my diagnosis. I did a lot of research online through forums and patient centered websites, where I learned about different biomarkers. My doctor performed tests to check for the two most common biomarkers, EGFR and ALK, however I tested negative for both. Given my lack of risk factors for lung cancer, I asked my doctor to test once more for ROS1. That test came back positive. Knowing I was ROS1-positive allowed my doctor to explore additional treatment options and find an appropriate one for me.

Based on my own experience, I now talk to other patients about how important it is to be our own advocate and have a conversation with our doctors about getting tested for biomarkers.

August 2016