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Patient Stories



You are not alone. Read these inspiring, true stories of people like you who have taken charge of their disease and are dedicating themselves to raising awareness and hope among those living with lung cancer.


“The main thing to understand is that you’re not alone!”

Dusty has dealt with scanxiety throughout her treatment, and well after. From the early days of her diagnosis, when she was constantly worried for her future, to now, she has experienced the uncertainty that many lung cancer patients face every day while waiting for their scans. Through her support system and care team, Dusty shares how she has continued to live with her scanxiety and keep her fears in check.


“I turned in my normal card at the door the day I was diagnosed with lung cancer.”

While volunteering at a prison, Don was required to have a routine chest X-ray for tuberculosis. The doctor found a spot in his lung, and this discovery led to his diagnosis: stage 4 non-small cell lung adenocarcinoma. Despite this, Don says he wouldn’t change because he met the love of his life, Penny, and some of his closest friends through his advocacy work.


“I might have cancer, but cancer doesn’t have me.”

Despite both of her parents having lung cancer, Dawn was completely shocked to learn that the chronic cough she had for nearly a year and half was actually lung cancer because she didn’t smoke. Read about Dawn’s long road to diagnosis and how she is now helping to champion the cause for new lung cancer research while also managing to work, stay active and spend cherished time with her family.


“I learned to fight back and NOT give up!”

Diagnosed with lung cancer at 46, Juanita experienced every emotion possible. Now she is channeling her fiercely positive attitude to educate others with the disease about biomarker testing and hopes to turn her passion for fitness into her own business.